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Dangers of Parking Lots and Roadways to Child Pedestrians – Two Toddlers Hit by Vehicles in Colorado Springs, Colorado

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Colorado Springs and other cities, child pedestrians are at risk in parking lots and roadways. A driver can never know for sure when a child is in a parking lot or attempting to cross a street. As such, drivers should be on alert and drive with care at all times. Of course, school zones, parks, and playgrounds are common areas where one would see a child pedestrian. We all also know that children are in all other areas as well. Drive with due care.

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, two toddlers in separate incidents suffered serious personal injuries. One was hit by a car near a car wash when the child wandered away from his father. Another was hit by a car while attempting to cross the street. For more details about these incidents, see Two Colorado Kids Hit by a Vehicle in Separate Incidents in Colorado Springs.

Any time that a child is injured – it is traumatic for the child, the family, and the driver as well. It is especially unfortunate when a child is injured and the incident could have been avoided with better driving and attention. Of course, some accidents are completely unexpected and unavoidable. If you have a question about an automobile accident involving an injured child pedestrian, get legal advice from a Child Injury Lawyer so that you can better understand the legal process, insurance claims process, and the rights of the injured child pedestrian.

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