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Should a Parent Pursue a Case or Claim for the Injured Child Pedestrian?

By Scott A. Marks, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In California and other states, children are at risk for personal injuries when walking, riding a bicycle, or travelling as a passenger in a vehicle or school bus to and from school. During the school year, the early morning hours and mid afternoon hours are busy times for pedestrian, bicycle, school bus, and other traffic involving school children. It is during these hours that all drivers and all communities should exercise due caution when travelling near schools, neighborhoods, and any other areas where children may be located. Drivers should obey speed limit signs, school zones, traffic conditions, and the presence of children. It is well known that many children have poor safety awareness. Because of this, the simple act of a driver of slowing down can and will save lives and also avoid serious personal injuries to school children.

When a child is injured in an automobile accident, bicycle accident, or pedestrian accident, a parent is often times faced with many challenges and concerns. Because of the complexities of laws and insurance documents, it is helpful to retain the services of a Child Injury Lawyer to get advice, consultation, and legal representation for a child injury matter.

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In making a decision whether to pursue a case or claim for personal injuries when a child is injured as a pedestrian. There are many factors to consider including the police report, whether a citation was issued, the availability of witnesses, age of the child, location of the incident, speed limit in the area, and many other factors. Due to the complexities of the liability alone, a Child Injury Lawyer should be contacted for advice and guidance. The decision whether or not to pursue a case may also depend on the injuries. If the injuries only involved one or two visits to the doctor, then a parent may decide not to pursue the matter and be thankful that the injuries are not more serious. Any time that there is a question with a minor injury or serious injury, it makes sense to get some legal advice. Contacting an attorney does not commit a parent to legal representation or action. Most child injury cases are handled on a contingency basis (No Recovery – No Fees). Furthermore, the initial consultations are free with a Child Injury Lawyer.

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