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Deaf Teen (Montravious Jones) Killed by Train in Bainbridge Georgia – Death Will Be Investigated – Legal and Factual Issues Involved

By Stephanie F. Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Montravious Jones was recently killed by a train in Bainbridge, Georgia. The incident took place near Hutto-McIver Apartments. News reports state that the conductor blew his horn but Montravious did not respond because Montravious was deaf. Montravious was airlifted to a hospital in Tallahassee, Florida but medical care was unable to save the boy’s life. This incident involving a freight train will be investigated by the Federal Railroad Administration. The FRA is responsible for the enforcement of safety rail regulations and the development of policies to improve national rail safety.

The FRA will conduct an investigation to determine various issues / facts including but not limited to:
What was the speed of the train?
What was the destination of the train?
What was the visibility at the time of the incident?
What safety precautions were taken by the conductor?
Could the train have slowed or stopped to prevent the incident?
What was the maintenance history for the freight train?
Was the freight train properly loaded and maintained for its route?

News reports of deaths involving trains often leave out important details and facts. The family also can conduct its own independent investigation into the incident through the services of an investigation, accident reconstruction expert, and a Georgia personal injury lawyer.

The death of Montravious Jones is quite tragic. To die at such a young age (17) is such a loss for the family and the community.

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