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Facebook Used by 18 Year Old (Anthony Stanci) to Trick and Blackmail Teenage Boys for Sex

By Jonathan Safran, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Anthony Stanci, age 18, has been arrested for blackmailing teenage boys for sex and having sex with minors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to news reports, Stanci set up an account on Facebook, a popular social networking website, and posted as a teenage girl. “Emily” convinced many teenage boys to send naked photographs of themselves to “Emily”. Once “Emily” received the photographs, “Emily” then threatened to e mail and send the naked photographs to family and friends if the teenage victim would not have sex with Anthony Stanci. These horribly deceptive and heinous acts resulted in Stanci having sex with teenage boys as young as 15 years old. So far, 31 boys sent Stanci naked photographs of themselves have been identified. Stanci faces many felony counts on this matter. His attorney stated that Stanci may be interested in a plea agreement. Of course, Stanci is entitled to a lawyer and is innocent until proven guilty; however, there appears to be a mountain of evidence in the form of Facebook, e mails, text messages, and witness testimony against Stanci. If there is a conviction or plea deal, Stanci needs to serve a prison sentence and get registered as as sex offender / sex predator.

This story illustrates the dangers of Face Book and the deception that easily takes place on the Internet. Whether a child knows a person or not, naked photographs should not be taken or shared with others. The Facebook is just another tool for those intent on harming and defrauding others. As parents and caregivers, talk to your children about the dangers of Facebook and other networking sites. Take an interests in your child’s computer activities to help them avoid the mistakes that the 31 boys made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can read more about this story at Teen Accused of Using Facebook to Blackmail Students Into Sex Acts.

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