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Newport – California – DNA Evidence Leads to Arrest of Clown in 2002 Rape of 12 Year Old Girl in California

By Scott A. Marks, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In California and other States, some people just think that clowns are creepy. Of course, there are a great many of people who think clowns are great and a source of wonderful entertainment and fun for children of all ages. Unfortunately, there are some clowns who break the law and give the profession of clowning a bad name. Many people use a position of trust or access to children to harm them. In Newport, California, it was recently reported that a party clown who worked under the name of “Tin Larin” was arrested in connection with an alleged rape of a 12 year old girl in 2002. DNA evidence was collected and catalogued after the incident. The clown at issue – Jose Guadalupe Jimenez – was subject to another investigation in which his DNA was collected. Mr. Jimenez is accused of kidnapping the girl and taking her to a school parking lot where he allegedly raped her. He then reportedly took the same girl to a motel where he molested the victim again. The girl was able to escape and later reported to authorities that she was attacked by a Hispanic male who was wearing clown make up and a mask. The science of DNA was the key to the puzzle of this unsolved crime of so many years ago. Jimenez probably thought that he got away with this crime and continued to work as a clown fro the past 9 years. See Clown Arrested in 2002 Rape in Newport, California.

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