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Drag Racing Ends Life of Pedestrian and Seriously Injures Another in Wichita Kansas

By Joni J. Franklin, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Kansas and other states, some drivers especially young ones in sports cars or little sports cars believe it is great fun and a challenge to race other drivers. The thrill of speed and the chase take priority over the safety of others including innocent pedestrians and children. In Wichita, Kansas, one such drag racing incident ended the life of Robert Ryder – age 25 – who was pronounced dead at the scene. His cousin was reported to have serious personal injuries resulting in a hospitalization. You can read more about this story at Police Investigating Drag Racing Accident in Wichita Kansas.

Unlike some other automobile accidents, drag racing automobile accidents are completely avoidable. The public roads of Wichita Kansas are no place for drag racing especially those with pedestrians and cross walks. Drag racing is an inherently dangerous activity that should only be done by professionals under a very controlled environment. Every day in Kansas, drivers zip around the roads in a hurry to get somewhere or just for sport. The safety of others should be paramount over everything else.

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