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Drive with Caution near School Buses – Child Injured in Clay County Indiana

By Thomas Hastings, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Indiana and other States, drivers should slow down and stop as necessary when driving in or near school buses and school bus stops. Unfortunatly, children are at danger and risks for serious personal injuries and even wrongful death when people drive too fast or fail to otherwise stop when required at or near school bus stops. In Clay County, Indiana, it was reported that Logan Parr – age 15 – was in the process of walking across a street when he was hit by a truck. At the time of this pedestrian accident, it was reported that the school bus stop arm was extended which means that the drivers in the area should have stopped to allow the children to depart the bus and safely walk across the street. See Clay County Indiana Pedestrian Accident – Personal Injuries to Teenager Trying to Cross the Street.

Following the pedestrian accident, the teen was taken to St. Vincent’s Clay Hospital for medical treatment for a injured leg and other personal injuries. The Indiana State Patrol responded to the scene of the pedestrian accident.

Many pedestrian accidents are preventable if drivers obey speed limits and otherwise pay attention to traffic condition, school bus stops, weather, and other factors. Children are put at risks when drivers are distracted or just simply ignore traffic conditions, speed limits, and / or the presence of pedestrians.

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