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Accidental Shooting Results in Death of Amish Teen

By Will Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Ohio and other States, children are the unfortunate victims of accidental shootings. It was reported in Fredericksburg Ohio that a 15 year old Amish girl – Rachel Yoder – was hit by a stray bullet. At the time of the tragic Ohio shooting, the girl was driving a horse drawn buggy. She was shot in the head. The work of police investigators determined the probable cause of the shooting death of this girl. Apparently, a man shot a rifle into the air approximately 1.5 miles away from where the bullet hit Rachel Yoder. A full investigation will be conducted to determine if the ballistics from the gun match the bullet that ended the life of the Amish teen. See Accidental Shooting of Amish Teen Reported in Ohio.

Accidental shootings are unfortunate statistics that can and do have a lasting effect on the family, neighborhood, church, and community. Nothing can prepare a parent for the news that a child has fallen victim to an accidental shooting or some other incident that ends the short life of the child.

The accidental shooting death of Rachel Yoder should serve as a reminder to all to keep guns secure and to avoid discharging a gun except in remote locations or gun ranges where a stray or errant shot does not put a person in danger of personal injuries and / or death.

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