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Fatal Accident at South Carolina Rodeo – Horse Falls on 12 Year Old Girl

By David Wolf, Attorney Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


A tragic and unexpected accident took place at a South Carolina rodeo. It was reported that a 12 year old girl (Lauren Mackenzie Mathias) died as a result of injuries that she sustained when a horse fell on the girl. The incident took place near the arena at the South Carolina High School Rodeo Association. The incident was wholly unexpected in that the horse involved in the incident was well trained horse that was classified as “dead broke”. At rodeos, there are safety precautions that should be in place for the protection of the participants and the spectators. Of course, some incidents take place that are not foreseeable and therefore could not have been prevented even with due care and planning. The 12 year old girl died as a result of head trauma. Her tragic death will certainly be a great loss for her family, community, church, school, and friends. See 12-Year-Old Girls Dies When Horse Falls at South Carolina Rodeo.

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