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More Details about Brunswick Georgia Child Drowning at Apartment Complex

By Scott Zahler, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Brunswick, Georgia, the family and friends of Walter J. Copeland, III (age 7) as well as the community are still in the midst of dealing with the untimely and tragic death of this child as a result of a drowning at a Brunswick Georgia apartment complex swimming pool. Further details were released about the incident. Walter and his siblings did not reside at the apartment complex but were visiting a 15 year family friend at the time of the incident. The teenager had left the pool area briefly and when she returned she found Walter on the bottom of the pool. Certainly, there was no intent or malice involved in such an incident. Autopsy results are pending. See Police: Brunswick Boy Drowned in Pool While Others Nearby.

Many Georgia apartment complexes have swimming pools as one of the amenities. It is nice to have the benefit of a swimming pool for residents and guests but often times these amenities are provided with the caution of Swim At Your Own Risk or No Lifeguard on Duty. The provision of a lifeguard is an expense that is not part of the budget of many apartment complexes. Unfortunately, a swimming pool can be a dangerous place for children and others. Yes, swimming pools can be a lot fun. . . . . but swimming pools can also present a risk of personal injury or death to children and others.

When a child is swimming in or even present near any swimming pool or area of water, adult supervision is key to the safety and well-being of the child. It does not matter if the child is a good swimming, is staying in the shallow end, or is instructed to stay out of the water. Swimming pools are dangerous to any child who is not being properly watched or supervised.

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