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Four Children Dead and Seven Children Critically Injured in Louisiana Van Accident

By J. Rock Palermo, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Louisiana, four children died and seven were critically injured in a van accident. According to a news story reported at Breaking News 24 / 7, the van was traveling on Interstate 10 near Baton Rouge, Louisiana when the van blew a tire. Thereafter, the van crashed into a delivery and then rolled over. The children, reported to have died from the accident, were Ricky Hines, Jr. (age 2), Lachante Floyd (age 12), Edward Barnes (age 14), and Ashley Hines (age 14). Louisiana police and automobile accident detectives will investigate this van accident to determine the following:

What was the make, model, and year for the van involved in the automobile accident?

What were the manufacturer specifications for seating for the van?

How many seatbelts were available on the bus?

Who was wearing a seat belt?

For toddlers and small children, were booster or child seats available?

What was the approximate speed of the van at the time the tire blew?

What condition was the blown tire in prior to the incident?

When was the van last repaired or maintained?

There are many facts to be determined by the investigation. Accidents like these do help illustrate the importance of planning and safety when transporting children. Vans and other vehicles should not be overloaded beyond manufacturer specifications or recommendations. Safety belts should be worn by all occupants. Toddlers, infants, and small children should have child seats or booster seats to better secure them when there is an accident. Finally, all vehicles should undergo periodic and consistent maintenance including but not limited to inspection and repairs of brakes and tires.

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