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Gary Coleman’s Life Made as Difference and Death Will Make a Difference

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Gary Coleman was and will continue to be a television icon. Tragically, his famous but troubled and, at times, unhealthy life ended with his death at the age of 42. Gary Coleman rose to fame in the 1970s / 1980s with the hit show Different Strokes. Gary Coleman was an accomplished actor and had great comedic timing. Unfortunately, his acting career like the acting careers of many others, had a peek and a short time span. Gary was super cute and in demand as a child but, as an adult, he was not able to break free of being type casted as Arnold Willis from Different Strokes.

How did Gary Coleman’s life make a difference? Gary Coleman brought public attention to those suffering from kidney diseases and those in need of kidney transplants. In addition, Gary Coleman brought public attention to the continued need for child actors to protect their earnings. Had Gary Coleman had better management and parents in place for that matter, Gary Coleman could have lived a more comfortable life free of some of the troubles and tabloid articles that made him famous as an adult. How will Gary Coleman’s death make a difference? Well, in death, Gary Coleman may bring more awareness to the seriousness of head injuries and the need for medical treatment when there is a head injury or brain injury. In addition, Gary Coleman will be remembered for his acting, his success, his challenges, and his attitude. I always liked Gary Coleman in how he handled himself as a child actor and in how he handled himself as a former child actor. Gary Coleman did not have an easy or charmed life and it is unfortunate that he died with more troubles than successes in the years preceding his death. Rest in peace Gary Coleman. See Gary Coleman – Different Strokes Television Star Dies at the Age of 42.

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