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Georgia Governor Proposes Immunity for Drug Companies Who Sell FDA Approved Drugs

By Stephanie F. Brown and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


For children in Georgia injured by prescription and over the counter drugs, Georgia’s Governor wants to deny them their right to recovery if the drugs were FDA approved. In an effort to encourage business in Georgia, Governor Sonny Perdue has proposed a grant of civil immunity to pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits seeking recovery for damages caused by drugs that had FDA approval. Apparently believing that the FDA is infallible and only approves safe drugs, the Governor seeks to make Georgia a more attractive state for businesses, including the biotechnology companies. This proposed legislation, however, fails to recognize the many instances when the FDA grants approval but later pulls a drug once various harmful effects are discovered in mass use by the public.
Georgia citizens can express their concerns to their state legislators by writing, FAXing or emailing. State legislators and their contact information can be located at a website called

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