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Dangers of Third Hand Smoke to Children’s Health Identified by Medical Experts

By Ryan E.Alekman, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Parents and caregivers who smoke often try to blow the smoke away from their children. This provides a false sense of safety to parents who think that they can keep harmful smoke from their children. Unfortunately, there is another danger to children beyond second hand smoke. It is being called “Third Hand Smoke” which refers to the gases and particle that cling on smokers’ hair, clothing, furniture, car seats, and other objects. This residue, to which children are exposed, includes heavy metals, carcinogens (cancer causing agents), and even radioactive materials that a child may ingest.

Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children in Boston came up with the term “Third Hand Smoke” after completing a study into the components and dangers of “Third Hand Smoke”. You can read more about this study and story at Third Hand Smoke – Doctors at Mass General Hospital for Children in Boston Identify Dangers to Children.

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