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Dangers of Guns, Weapons, and “Toy” Guns in Schools

By Mark Freedman, Attorney & David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Michigan and other States, school officials have a duty to keep schools safe for the children. Most schools act very swiftly and quickly when guns, knives, and / or other weapons are discovered in a school. Even a “toy” gun or “pellet” gun can cause serious injuries to a child in a school or day care center setting. Furthermore, a toy gun can often be mistaken by a teacher, student, or police officer as a “real” gun which can then set forth a series of events that can lead to serious personal injuries and, in some instances, death.

Parents and guardians should do their best to keep their children from bringing guns, knives, weapons, and even toy guns to school. At times, a children mistakenly leaves one of these items in a bag and then takes the items to school. While the intent to bring the gun, weapon, or toy was not present, the dangers and risks of having the item in school can still be there nonetheless.

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It was recently reported that a girl in Bay City, Michigan was suspended from her school for bringing a gun to her elementary school. The incident was reported by WNEW TV 5 News. The teachers at the school were not sure whether the gun was “real” or not and police were called to the school. It was determined that the gun was a pellet gun.

“The building principal did, or is doing if you will, what is necessary – and that is to take everything seriously,” said Superintendent Shawn Bishop. See Elementary School Girl Suspended for Brining a Gun to School.

Fortunately, there does not appear that there were any injuries suffered as a result of the gun being brought to school. While the girl who brought the gun to school may not have meant to and may not have meant to harm anyone, it is still dangerous to bring a gun – whether “real”, pellet, or toy – to a school.

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