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Golden Valley, Minnesota Day Care Provider Charged with Malicious Punishment for Pinning Child to a Mattress

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Golden Valley, Minnesota, a day care provider is being charged with the crime of malicious punishment and false imprisonment regarding discipline and corporal punishment measures allegedly put in place a day care center. Arvilla Marie Lilly Meinhardt, age 70, has been charged with these crimes. Police investigators collected evidence from the day care center in the form of large safety pins, pajamas, and a mattress with what appeared to have pin holes in it from the safety pins. Apparently, according to police and news reports, Ms. Meinhardt would use the tactic of pinning children to the mattress for years at the day care center. With the pajamas, safety pins, and mattress, it appears that Ms. Meinhardt created a straight jacket of sorts to limit or restrict the movement of the children. It will be interesting to see what other evidence and testimony are obtained on this case. Certainly, pinning a child to a mattress is dangerous and can lead to serious physical injuries. It is also demeaning and emotionally disturbing for a child to be restrained in this manner. You can read more about this story at Minnesota Day Care Provider Pinned Children to a Mattress as a Form of Punishment.

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