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Las Vegas, Nevada – Mom (Vanessa Ramirez) Allows Children to Ride With Allegedly Drunk Driver (Nancy Lopez)

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network

Nancy Owens and Vanessa Ramirez were at a birthday party together, where both have admitted to drinking. Ms. Owens reportedly allowed Ms. Lopez to drive her three children home, even though she admitted to police that she was aware Ms. Lopez was “drunk.”

Police pulled Ms. Lopez over after seeing “something” fall from her car while she was driving it. It turned out to be a child. The car was carrying ten people at the time, including seven children, none of whom were properly restrained. A witness from the party said that he saw two other children fall out of the car as Ms. Lopez was leaving the party. The three children who had fallen out of the car were all rushed to the hospital, one of them (Ms. Ramirez’ child) is still in critical condition.

Ms. Lopez admitted to officers that she had been drinking beer at the party, and there was an open bottle of beer in the car. She refused a sobriety test. She has been charged with seven counts of child endangerment, drunken driving, driving with a suspended license, driving without her headlights on and having an open container in a vehicle. Ramirez has also been charged with child endangerment for putting her kids in that car. All of the children have been removed from the care of their parents.

This case shows the dangers of alcohol, not just when driving, but when making important choices about the health and safety of children.

Find out more about this story at Police: Mother Left Kids With Drunk Driver.</a

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