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Grand Praire, Texas Day Care Van Rolls Over – 23 Children Suffer Personal Injuries

By Robert Chaiken, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Grand Prairie, Texas, twenty three children were injured in recent day care van accident. A story posted at The Dallas Morning News reported that the automobile / van accident took place near the Grand Prairie Municipal Airport. The driver and all of the child passengers were transported to local hospitals for treatment. There were no serious personal injuries reported; however, it will take some time and further evaluation to really determine the severity of the injuries to these children. Witnesses stated that that the van entered the intersection during a red light, collided with a SUV, and then rolled over.

Day care van drivers have a duty to exercise due caution when transporting children. Obviously, all traffic signals including red lights and stop signs should be followed. Furthermore, close attention should be used as to traffic and all other road conditions. It is also vital that day care center drivers avoid driver distraction like mobile phone use, texting, e mailing, eating, and reading. Safer driving and the avoidance of driver distraction can help reduce the number of automobile accidents involving children being transported by schools and day care centers in Texas and other States.

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