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Hit a Child and Go to Jail – Sioux City Iowa Man Sentenced to Prison for Child Endangerment Charges

By Thomas J. Duff, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Iowa and Other States, parents, step parents, and boyfriend / girlfriends of parents often show poor judgment and violent tendencies when disciplining children. Beatings and whippings may be the way things were done years ago; however, these forms of punishment are often times cruel and unusual and in some cases criminal. In Sioux City, Iowa, Tyrone James (age 32) was sentenced to a 2 year prison term after entering a guilty plea of charges of child endangerment. Allegations in this case involved two children who were hit by belts, tree branches and extension cords. The mother of children also pled guilty to criminal charges. See Sioux City Iowa Man Sentenced to Prison Term for Child Endangerment Criminal Charges.

Children should be raised in a loving and caring environment. Children should not be subjected to the personal injuries or the psychological injuries of being hit by a parent or other adult.

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