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Importance of Child Proof Door Locks in the Home

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Child safety starts at home. A good article was posted at the website – on the issue of child proof door locks. Unfortunately, many children are injured in the home every day. Many of these personal injuries result when a child wanders out of the home or into an area of the home where the child does not belong. Installing appropriate child proof locks can provide a toddler / child from the every day dangers that present themselves in the home. Providing child proof door locks is one step among many that a parent, caregiver, and day care owner can take to prevent injuries to children. See 6 Reasons for Having a Child Proof door Lock in Your Home.

6 Reasons for Having a Child Proof Door Lock in Your Home

Childproofing your home is an important aspect of ensuring the safety and security of your children, and a child proof door lock is a valuable asset in this context. Young children are known for their sense of adventure, and every parent must be vigilant about the possible dangers this may lead to. Enlisted below are the most important reasons for having a child proof door lock in different parts of your home.

1 – Keeps Children Away from Danger
Children love to explore their surroundings, starting at very young ages. If the front door on your home can be opened by young children, the dangers they are exposed to are immense. It is crucial that you use a child proof door lock on the front door of your home, to avoid unsupervised explorations outdoors. Ensure that all the doors to the outside of your home, such as the patio door, side doors, garage doors and windows have child proof latches and locks on them.

2 – Protects Kids from Risky Situations in the Home
Areas such as the kitchen and bathroom are dangerous for unsupervised young children. Electric shocks, drowning, burns, falls, heavy items tilting over, etc are some of the most common risks that a young child may be exposed to. When you are not around, it is prudent to keep these areas out of the access of young children. In the kitchen, appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and knives are highly dangerous. An inquisitive child may try to climb inside a large appliance and become trapped. There is also a high risk of injuries and burns, which can eliminated with a child proof door lock.

3 – Keeps Appliances and Electric Devices Away from Kids
In the office, there are several sharp objects and substances such as ink or glue, which are potentially dangerous to young children. In additions, electrical devices and cords increase the risks of fires and shocks. An unoccupied office must be secured shut with a childproof lock.

4 – Reduces Chances of Finger Injury
A child who can open a door is more at risk of jamming his fingers in between and getting seriously injured. A child proof door lock can eliminate this risk, while at the same time keeping the child safely out of dangerous territory.

5 – Provides Security and Peace of Mind
If you do not have child proof door locks in your home, you must ensure the safety of your children by closely monitoring them at all times. It can be very stressful to do this, especially when you can be easily distracted by a visitor or a phone call. Child proof door locks are a reliable means of ensuring the safety of your children, even if they are out of your sight for some time.

6 – Allows Children to Explore the Unlocked Areas in the Home
Child proof door locks also afford peace of mind to young kids, because they can freely explore the safe areas in their home. A child who is told ‘no’ too often may show an inclination to become disobedient over time.

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