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Broomfield, Colorado – Teacher Accused of Sending Inappropriate Texts to Students

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Broomfield, Colorado, a teacher is accused of sending inappropriate text to students. There cases are interesting in that there is typically electronic evidence that can identify the sender and the receiver of these text messages. The messages themselves are evidence that can show criminal acts and intent on the part of the sender. Of course, the teacher will be entitled to defend himself through the services of a public defender or a private criminal defense lawyer. Among the questions / issues that may be addressed in this matter may be:

How many messages were sent by the teacher to students?

Can the messages be subject to one or more meaning or interpretation?

Did the teacher’s phone ever fall into the hands of someone other than the teacher?

Will the defense claim that someone else sent out the text messages?

How explicit and sexual were the text messages that were sent out?

Electronic forms of communication like text messages, e mails, and Facebook posts are in writing and can be saved, copied, and printed. One could argue that they are no different than writing a nasty, sexually laced letter to someone.

You can read more about the allegations against this Broomfield, Colorado teacher at Bloomfield Teacher Accused of Sending Inappropriate Texts to Students.

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