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Day Care Punishment – Withhold Lunch or Meals Violates Pennsylvania State Guidelines – Two Day Care Workers Fired

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Pennsylvania and other States, day care workers cannot withhold food or meals to children as a means of punishment or discipline. At the Middle Bucks Institute of Technology, two teachers were terminated from their day care positions at the day care center for withhold food or meals from a toddler. It was reported that the workers withheld the food because the toddler refused to clean up as instructed. The day care center reported this incident to the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare. It is important for day care and child care workers to follow the laws, procedures, and guidelines set forth by Pennsylvania law. The fact that there were no serious injuries that resulted from the conduct of the day care workers does not justify their actions. You can read more about this story at Pennsylvania Day Care Workers Dismissed from Their Positions.

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