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iPhone Application Helps Inform Concerned Parents About Residence of Sex Offenders

By Robert Chaiken, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Offender Locator is an i Phone application that allows concerned parents and others get information about the residence of sex offenders. i Phones have GPS functions that can allow an i Phone user to search databases and information by an address or by current location. The Offender Locator is a simple but effective program in providing this valuable information to parents, caregivers and others. While no system or database is perfect or free from flaws, the information can assist parents in making safety precautions and plans when there are nearby sexual predators or offenders. Parents may want to use a program like this to search for sexual offenders / predators in the child’s neighborhood, near the school, near friend’s homes, near playing fields, and other areas. Supervision is important regardless of the presence or absence of sexual offenders and predators; however, information and knowledge can serve important functions for parents with the goal and mission of protecting their children. You can read more about the Offender Locator program, its use by a Houston, Texas mother, and other technology developments at iPhone Applications (Apps) Help Track Sexual Offenders / Child Predators.

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