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Is Coaching Youth Sports Dangerous?

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Is coaching youth sports dangerous? This seems like a silly question but the fact of the matter is that coaching youth sports can be dangerous. Even in youth sports, tempers flare, fights take place, and, yes, at times, coaches are attacked by parents. It is unfortunate that parents and coaches alike often times lose touch with what the focus should be in youth sports. Winning and competing are important concepts especially as the teams advance in age and skill. However, whatever the age, there should be consideration of the child’s self esteem. Furthermore, parents should keep in mind that parents are role models for the children. It is not just the coach that children look up to. Parents should do their best to set a good example for their children before, during, and after the game. A game or match is a time to compete. Each play and minute of play are also excellent opportunties to learn life lessons.

In Springfield, Massachusetts, a youth basketball coach was attacked by a parent at the Holy Name School Gym. The coach’s team won the game but lost part of his ear in the attack by the parent. The attack took place after a game in the Catholic Youth Organization Finals. See Coach Attacked After Basketball Game in Massachusetts.

Certainly, attacking a coach after a basketball game sets a terrible example for the children. The news story did not report all of the details of the incident. Whoever may have instigated the attack is irrelevant as adults at a youth basketball game should control themselves and avoid violent acts like fighting and biting.

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