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What Are the Legal Rights of Children Injured in a School Bus Accident?

By David Alan Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In the State of Washington, children are passengers on school buses in the morning and afternoon hours on school days. It is important for school bus drivers and other drivers to obey traffic signals / speed limits and otherwise pay attention to road, traffic, and weather conditions. Unfortunately, there are many/ accidents that take place every year in the State of Washington that involve school buses or day care center vans. When an accident takes place involving a school bus or day care center van, children can be the unfortunate and sometimes tragic victims of the crash. Roll over accidents are especially troubling as these school bus accidents frequently involve serious personal injuries to the occupants / passengers of the school bus.

When there is an accident involving a school bus in the State of Washington, the responsibility or fault for the school bus accident may fall upon the school bus driver which, in turn, makes the school district responsible for the damages and injuries associated with the accident. In other instances, the fault or responsibility for the school bus accident falls upon another driver. Some school bus accidents involve the fault of more than one driver as there is comparative fault of multiple drivers involved in the Washington School Bus Accident. Because these cases can be complex and confusing, it is often times help to have advice, counsel, and legal representation from a Washington Child Injury Attorney regarding medical bills,medical treatment, claims against government entities, insurance, and other matters. Contact a Washington Child Injury for a Free Consultation.

A child, who suffers personal injuries as a result of the negligent driving of another person, is entitled to pursue damages and compensation for past medical bills, future medical bills, pain, suffering, and the loss of enjoyment of life. A parent or guardian should pursue the claim on behalf of the injured child and seek to recover all damages recognized under the laws of the State of Washington.

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A school bus roll over accident was recently reported in Quincy, Washington. It was reported by the Grant County Sheriff’s Offic that the bus driver veered off the road and then overcorrected which, in turn, caused the bus to roll off the highway. A number of children were injured as a result of this Washington school bus roll over accident. See School Bus Accident Reported in Quincy, Washington.

School bus drivers and other drivers have a duty to drive safe and otherwise follow the traffic regulation and pay attention to road and weather conditions. Driver distraction and excessive speed for the traffic and / or weather conditions can often times lead to a serious school bus / automobile accident. Many accidents can be avoided by reducing driver distraction and slowing down when necessary to maintain full control of the motor vehicle.

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