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Kansas Child Personal Injury – Child Injured When Hit by Vehicle Backing Up (Back Over Accident)

In Kansas and other States, children continue to suffer personal injuries and even death in some instances as a result of drive way / parking lot / back over incidents. These most unfortunate automobile accidents / pedestrian accidents result when a driver fails to observe a child behind the vehicle. In some instances, the child darts behind the vehicle as the vehicle is moving. In many incidents, the injuries can be avoided with better supervision of the child and more careful driving. Before a driver attempts to back out of a parking lot or drive way, the driver should first check around his or her vehicle before getting into the vehicle. Thereafter, the driver should check again and then only back up very slowly. While not all accidents of this nature can be avoided, most can. Taking a few more seconds for the safety of children can make a big difference.

In Wichita, Kansas, it was reported that a 4 year old boy was the victim of a back over accident at an apartment complex. The incident took place at the Pelican Point Apartments in the evening hours. At the time of the incident, several children were in the area playing in the parking lot. The accident took place as a child was going after a ball. Emergency paramedics later arrived on the scene and too the boy to Via Christi Medical Center (Hospital) for evaluation. It was reported that the child was in critical condition upon arrival. Subsequently, the boy’s condition was upgraded. You can read more about this story at Back Over Accident in Parking Lot at Wichita, Kansas Apartment Complex.

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