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Kansas City, Kansas –Girl Killed By School Bus, Many Questions Unanswered

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network

BusHome.jpgA little girl died in Kansas City, Kansas recently, after being hit by a school bus while waiting at the bus stop to be taken to her elementary school. The family has asked that the school district and the police department not release the child’s name until they have had some time to heal. They have also not released the name of the bus driver or any details of the accident. The refusal of the school district to release any information about the accident is causing frustration with parents of other school age children in the district.

According to Larry Bluthardt, director for school bus safety and education for the Kansas Department of Education, seventeen children across the US were killed last year while waiting for, boarding or departing a school bus. This fatal accident was the first child killed in a Kansas state school bus accident in over ten years.

While the Kansas state school bus accident record seems quite good, one child killed in an accident is one too many. All drivers, but especially school bus drivers, need to pay very careful attention to their driving. Children can be hard to see and can move quickly and unexpectedly into harm’s way.

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