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KCCI Des Moines Iowa TV Station Reports on Distracted Drivers – Dangers to Iowa Children

By Thomas J. Duff and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


KCCI Des Moines Iowa TV Station did an excellent study and program on distracted drivers. Distracted driving can result from common everyday activities that do not exactly combine well with the physical and mental requirements of operating a motor vehicle. While driving, many people eat, sing, talk, read, check e mail, text, and multi-task. Motor vehicles in many states are referred to as “dangerous instrumentalities” since a minor mistake or a second or two of inattention can lead to serious adult and child injuries and, in some instance, death.

Mobile phones are certainly great and valuable tools. Then again, mobile phones can also distract drivers who are deeply involved in a telephone conversation. Drivers should keep their eyes on the road. If you drop something or feel you need to search for something in your vehicle, wait until the next stop or hat leads the mind to wander away from the primary task at hand – safety operating a motor vehicle, car, truck, and motorcycle. You can see the news report / story by going to the KCCI Web Site at
Distracted Driving in Iowa.

Texting is a real problem these days. Some bus driver, train engineers / operators, and car drivers like their i phones, Black Berry devices, and other mobile devices so much that they text while driving. This act and others can be very dangerous especially for children who passengers or pedestrians who often times become innocent victims from the careless acts of distracted drivers.

The roads will be much safer when people make a conscientious effort to reduce the incidents of distracted driving. Pay attention for the sake of other adults and children on or near the roadways.

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