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Drive Safe near School Zones, School Bus Stops, Crosswalks, Residential Neighborhoods and Parks – The New School Year Has Begun . . .

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


The 2010 – 2011 school year has now officially started in most school districts across the United States. It is a good time for everyone (whether you have a child in school or not) to focus on key safety tips for children in and near school.

School Zones – School Bus Stops – All Residential Neighborhoods – Crosswalks. With children in school, the roads are more crowded and there are areas where everyone should exercise caution and safe driving. These include school zones, school bus stops, residential neighborhood, and crosswalks. Always yield to child pedestrians and bicycle riders. Keep in mind that a child will not always exercise good judgment. In addition, a child is not always the best bicycle rider. Give the child pedestrian and child bicycle rider plenty of time and space to get to where he or she needs to go.

Sports Activities and Parks. After school programs and activities are also in full force. The fall football season has begun. Soccer is also a fall sport with millions of players out there. Whatever the sport, keep in mind that children will be playing at or near parks and in their neighborhoods. Whether there is a sign that says – Slow – Children at Play – or not, drive slow and be cautious in near any residential area and park.

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