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Little Rock, Arkansas – Boy Falls Out of School Bus Emergency Door

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Little Rock, Arkansas, a tragic incident took place on a school bus. It was reported that an 8 year old boy (Malik Lewis) boarded the bus and then opened the emergency door and fell out. He suffered a fatal head injury after hitting his head on the pavement. At the time of the incident, Malik was calling for his mother as he was opening the Emergency Door. It is certainly a tragic ending to such a young life right in front of others including his mother. You can read about this story at 8 Year Old Falls Off School Bus in Little Rock, Arkansas.

It is expected that an investigation will be conducted into this incident which will include an interview of the driver, mother, and other eyewitnesses. The story reported did not indicate one way or the other if there was a video on board the school bus which would provide additional information as to this incident.

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