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Man Tries to Abduct / Kidnap Child from Charlotte, North Carolina Gym

By John Jensen, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Charlotte, North Carolina, a man tried to abduct / kidnap a 4 year old boy from a Charlotte gym while the boy’s father was working out. The gym provided for day care services for members. While the boy’s father was working out, a man came to the day care center part of the gym and told the attendant that he was a friend of the boy’s father (work out partner) and that he was there to pick up the boy. As the attendant was gathering the boy’s belongs, the boy stated that the man was not his father and that he did not know the man. The attendant then informed the man that the attendant would need to contact the father before releasing the boy out of the care and custody of the gym’s day care program.

Fortunately, the child spoke up and the child was not released. It was quite frightening for the mother of the child to learn of the details of this story. Child predators and offenders go to great lengths to get their next victims. One would think that a child in a day care center would be safe from the harm or victimization. When parents take a child to a day care center, parents should find out the policy and procedures for drop off and pick up. Make sure that the procedures prevent incidents like this from taking place. Not all children are going to speak up and let an attendant know that there is a problem. That is why proper policies and procedures are so important. You can read more about this story at Stranger Tries to Take Boy from Charlotte, North Carolina Gym Day Care Center.

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