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Mankato, Minnesota School District Settles Kickball Personal Injury Lawsuit

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Kickball is a popular elementary and sometimes middle school game that has been around for years. Typically, the game is played without incident or injury. Unfortunately, children are injured playing kickball and other schoolyard games. A school district can be held liable or responsible for the injuries if the game is not safely organized or if there is improper or inadequate supervision that leads to injury. It is the responsibility of the physical education coach, teacher, and or aide to make sure that playing fields are safe, free from hazards like above ground sprinklers, exposed rocks or fences, holes in the ground, or a grossly uneven playing surface. If a child suffers an injury as a result of negligence, a child can then pursue a case or claim against the school district. Of course, the laws of each State differ. Furthermore, each school district has its own rules and regulations that should be reviewed to determine compliance with the same.

In Mankato, Minnesota, a lawsuit was recently settled involving a fractured ankle. It appears from the story published at the My Fox 9 Web site that the field equipment, namely the kickball base which was merely a folder, was inadequate or unsafe for play. You can read more about this story at Mankato School District Settles Personal Injury Lawsuit.

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