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Mesa Arizona High School Graduation Party – 2 Dead and 4 Injured

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In May and June of each year, there are high school graduation parties. This should be a time for celebration and reflection of the milestone of graduating high school. Unfortunately, some high school graduation parties turn from sites of celebration to sites of tragedy, personal injuries, and death. In Mesa, Arizona, a police officer and 10 year old child were injured at a high school graduation party. Another man and woman were killed at the party while two others were injured by gunshot wounds. There are many reasons why disputes take place at high school parties. Sometimes, it is a fight over a girlfriend or boyfriend. Sometimes, it is alcohol or drugs that make people violent unreasonable, or dangerous. When you combine any of this with the use of a gun, there can be trouble.

Some homeowner’s insurance policies cover gun related injuries and deaths while others do not. The policy must be read thoroughly and carefully to determine the appropriate coverage under the policy. The injured parties and the families of the wrongfully killed guests may be entitled to coverage under a homeowner’s insurance policy. An Arizona personal injury attorney / lawyer can read the policy and advice victims and their families of their respective rights to compensation under the law and under the insurance policy.

You can read more about this story at Mesa Arizona High School Graduation Party – 2 Dead and 4 Injured.

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