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Minnesota Day Care Centers – What Laws Apply to Child – Adult Ratios in Day Care Centers?

By Rob Shainess, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Supervision in Minnesota day care centers is key to the safety and welfare of children. Licensed day care centers are governed by the Minnesota Administration Code Rule 9502.0367 as it relates to Child / Adult Ratios – Age Distribution Restrictions. The regulations set forth the child to staff ratios which are dependent on the number of children and the age of the children. It is vital that day care centers follow these regulations to ensure the appropriate amount of staff to supervise the children. Schedules of staff members should be maintained by the facility and followed to make sure there are no gaps in supervision or times of the day that the children are put at risks with inadequate supervision.

Compliance with Minnesota laws and regulations is vital to the safety and well being of each child in a MInnesota day care center. It is clear that consistent supervision of the children and diligent maintenance of the play ground area and equipment can help prevent many personal injuries to children in Minnesota day care centers.

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