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Misty Dawn Kumas (Age 13) Dies from Injuries When Hit by Driver / Suspect Fleeing Police

By Mark Freedman, Attorney & David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Flint, Michigan, a family, neighborhood, church, and community are all mourning the death of an innocent girl (Misty Dawn Kumas) who was the tragic and unfortunate victim of a driver / criminal suspect avoiding or fleeing from the police. Misty was on her way to church on a Wednesday afternoon when the incident took place. There were witnesses and even vido surveillance that captured the tragedy. In one moment, a girl is walking to church. In the next moment, she is hit as a pedestrian and suffers serious life threatening injuries. You can read more about this story at Police Pursuit in Flint Michigan – Girl – Misty Dawn Kumas Dies from Accident Related Injuries.

When law enforcement makes a decision to pursue a criminal suspect, many factors must be taken into consideration including the danger of the criminal suspect, crimes allegedly committed, the risks involved with such a pursuit, the areas in and around the pursuit including school zones and playgrounds, and other factors.

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