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State Education Panel to Consider Measures to Make Day Care Transportation Safer for Children in the State of Massachusetts

By Ryan E. Alekman, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Massachusetts and other States, there is a problem and danger to children enrolled in day care centers. The problem lies with the simple but potentially deadly mistake of leaving a child in a hot vehicle. When a child is left unattended in a vehicle without air conditioning or other proper ventilation, the temperature in the vehicle can reach heights that affect the health and well being of a child. Even the passage of a few minutes can result in serious personal injuries and, in some instances, the death of a child. Often times, action is only taken after the tragic death of a child left unattended in a school or day care center vehicle to change or strengthen laws and regulations. A simple checklist and due diligence by the staff of a school or day care center can and does prevent tragic personal injuries and deaths from taking place. See Massachusetts Panel Considering Measures to Prevent Day Care Center Tragedies from Taking Place in the Future.

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