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Monticello Minnesota Mother Charged with DUI – Fled Police with Children in the Car

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Minnesota and other States, there is a consistent problem with DUI incidents. Tragically, many DUI incidents cause serious personal injuries and even death of innocent people and children. In every DUI incident, there is a danger or risk to any children who is in the vehicle or near the vehicle as it is being driven. Parents especially should consider the best interests of the child when getting behind the wheel. The safety of the child should always take precedence over the convenience or selfishness of the parent especially when it comes to drinking and driving. In West Hennepin, Minnesota, a mother was arrested after a complaint was called in about her driving to the West Hennepin Public Safety Department for poor driving. When police attempted to stop or pull over the driver (Monica Say – age 29) – she refused and kept on driving another 4 to 5 miles. Along this dangerous drive, the chase and / or Ms. Say’s driving almost caused other automobile accidents. It was later determined that Ms. Say’s blood alcohol level (BAC) was .17 which amounted to in excess of two times the legal limit in Minnesota. Ms. Say was transporting two children during this dangerous drive who were 4 years old and 2 years old. The news report also stated that Ms. Say was in possession of marijuana and an open bottle of rum in a diaper bag. Ms. Say was arrested at the scene by the police. You can read more about this story at Mother Charged with DUI and Fleeing Police in Minnesota.

This story portrays an extremely bad example of parenting. Everyone knows that drinking and driving do not mix. It can also be said that drinking and good parenting do not mix at all.

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