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Movies Often Times Set Bad Examples for Children As to Helmets and Seat Belts

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Movies made for kids over the years have shown improvement in the use of safety equipment like seat belts and helmets. However, a government study showed that only 56 % of vehicle occupants show the use of a seat belts while just 25 % show the use of a helmet while riding a bicycle. Of course, a movie is not required to always show adults and children using good judgment. After all, many adults and children in the real world fail to use seat belts and / or helmets. Unless there was a specific artistic reason for failing to use a seat belt or a helmet, movies that market to children should set good examples as to these safety measures. You can read more about this government study at Seat Belts, Bicycle Helmets Go Unused in Movies Aimed at Kids.

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