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New Minnesota Law (Laela’s Law) – Safeguarding Windows in Apartment Buildings and Multi Dwelling Unit Complexes

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Minnesota and other States, tragedy is also the precursor to the passing of new laws for the protection of children. Laela’s Law as passed in 2007 and took effect in 2009. This law was named after a Minneapolis girl who suffered injures in a fall from a building. The purpose of Laela’s law is to safeguard windows in apartment, The law requires the attachment of safety screens, guards, or fall prevention devices in new or replacement windows above the 1st story in most apartment and multi dwelling unit buildings in Minnesota. Some child safety advocates question the provision of the bill that exempts window sills that are more than 24 inches from the floor. Even though the windows are 2 feet from the floor, a small child can still fall out of a window from a bed or other furniture. Apparently, the bill was passed with child safety advocates on one side and the building and window industry on the other. These safety regulations will cost money but hopefully will save lives. I expect there to be debates and changes to this law in the future. You can read more about Laela’s Law and the problems and dangers of children falling out of windows at New Minnesota Child Safety Law Gets Mixed Reviews and Comments.

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