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New Research Gives Insight into Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network

The Saulk Institute for Biological Studies has released a new research report that promises to shed light on both Autism and ADD. It looks at how the mind moves its attention from one thing to another. In the report, researchers outline the functions of the superior colliculus (part of the brain), which is a major component of both selecting what to focus on and the motor functions used when turning one’s head or eyes to look at something.

The new research shows that the superior colliculus is also a major component in what they call “covert attention,” or the act of looking at one thing while actually paying attention to another. To prove their hypothesis, they temporarily inactivated the superior colliculous in test subjects, and asked them to identify the location of an object on a computer screen in front of them. Without use of the superior colliculus, the test subjects were unable to identify an object that was right in front of them. The results were very similar to behavior traits of patients with Autism or ADD. Researchers are confident that understanding how the brain focuses and moves attention is critical for understanding disorders of attention.

Read the full story on the new Autism and ADD research findings at Findings may shed light on the origins of autism and attention deficit disorders.

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