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New Ulm, Minnesota Mother Arrested for Depriving Son of Necessary Medical Care

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Minnesota and other states, some parents are choosing religion over necessary life saving medical care. In New Ulm, Minnesota, a judge issued an arrest warrant for Colleen Hauser after she missed a court hearing and fled with her son who has a treatable but potentially fatal condition – Hodgkins Lymphona. Daniel Hauser’s condition is curable with necessary treatment (chemotherapy and radiation). Daniel’s parents instead choose to treat Daniel with herbal supplements, water, and natural type of products. Seeing that it is the year 2009, it really defies good sense and good parenting to ignore proven medical science in favor of products that just fill a child up with hope rather than a proven cure. You can read more about this story at Minnesota Mom – Arrest Ordered for Resisting Medical Treatment for Son.

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