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Baby Sitter in Provo Utah Gets Up to 15 Year Prison Term for Child Abuse Homicide

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Utah and other states, parents entrust their children to baby sitters with the expectations and hopes that the child will be properly cared for and protected. Unfortunately, some children are harmed by babysitters due to lack of supervision, inexperience, negligence, neglect, and, in some cases, due to intentional acts of violence. It is well know that shaking a baby can cause serious personal injuries including brain damage and wrongful death. In Provo, Utah, a baby sitter (Danielle Ruiz), age 27, was recently sentenced by Judge David Mortensen for the wrongful death / child abuse homicide of 5 month old – Brandon Zamora. Prosecutors presented a case of child abuse homicide caused when Danielle Ruiz lost control and shook the baby causing brain damage and other injuries leading to the death of the child. Ms. Ruiz begged the judge for leniency and probation but the Judge noted that this crime was too serious to impose a mere sentence of probation.

You can read more about this story at Provo Utah Baby Sitter Gets Up to 15 Years for Boy’s Death.

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