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North Carolina Day Care Ratings May Be Misleading – Advice for Parents: Do Not Completely Rely on Day Care Ratings

By John Jensen, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In North Carolina and other states, it is typical for a government agency to rate a licensed facility like a day care center. In North Carolina, a child suffered personal injuries at a 5 Star day care facility as rated by the State of North Carolina. Parents rely on these ratings to select a day care center. It is nice to have a good rating if you run a day care center for marketing and reputation purpose; however, as a parent, you should not rely completely on these ratings. Many incidents of neglect and abuse are reported to the State of North Carolina but ultimately cannot be proved by sufficient facts. This does not necessarily mean that the abuse did not take place. It is a proof or evidentiary problem with the case. In addition, inspections of facilities do not always detect violations that are otherwise being committed by the day care center operator and / or staff. Also, conditions in day care centers change from day to day. A fence could be in a good condition one day but break the next thereby causing a safety and health hazard to children enrolled in the day care center. You can read about the complexities of the North Carolina rating system and tips for selection a day care center at North Carolina Day Care’s 5 Star Rating Hid Problems and Issues.

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