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Contra Costa, California – Three Children Hit in Crosswalk Near School

By Scott A. Marks, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Three young children were hit by a car in California recently, when a truck stopped to let them cross the road and the impatient driver behind him tried to go around rather than stopping. The children were not seriously injured, but parents are upset because there are traffic signals installed at the intersection – and they have been disconnected for about two years. The parents believe that traffic signals would have prevented the accident. The intersection is near both an elementary and a middle school and is used heavily before and after school. According to police records, of the ten people hit by cars in the city this year, five were children.

According to the Contra Costa City engineer, Jason Vogan, the lights were covered because they could not be timed correctly to prevent a possible traffic backup over a nearby railroad crossing. The city has been trying to deal with the railroad to get the proper permission to re-start the lights. In the meantime, busy school intersections are monitored by a few police officers and school personnel. Both school officials and police believe that many accidents are caused by impatient parents picking up their kids.

All drivers and especially parents should use extreme caution when driving near a school. Many automobile accidents / pedestrian injuries can be avoided by drivers being more patient and aware when children are present. Find out more about keeping kids safe on the way to and from school at Signs left unused leave pedestrians out to dry.

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