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North Carolina Teen Hit by Train and Dies While Listening to MP3 Player

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Joshua Lee Phillips, a 16 year old, died recently when he was hit by a train in Cramerton, North Carolina. The conductor of the train saw Joshua and blew the warning horn. Unfortunately, Joshua did not hear the warning horn as he was listening to his MP 3 player. It appears that Joshua was listening to his MP 3 player too loudly at the time of the tragedy. Joshua was walking home from South Point High School in Cramerton, North Carolina when the incident took place.

This incident is certainly a tragedy that should be using an important life lesson for parents and children alike. The same thing could have happened in a neighborhood or near a convenience store or grocery store. Children and adults alike need to pay attention to where they are walking especially when there are vehicles, trains, boats, or whatever else around. Part of paying attention is being able to hear and react to any warning signs whether it is a horn, someone shouting, screeching tires, or anything else. Of course, drivers need to pay close attention and slow their vehicles anytime there are children around. Far too many child injuries and wrongful deaths result from careless driving, speeding, and inattention.

The Joshua Lee Phillips incident was reported by the Associated Press at North Carolina High School Student Hit by Train.

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