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Odessa , Texas – Five Year Old Boy (Christopher Roedel) Killed in Traffic Accident – Parents Under Investigation

By Robert Chaiken, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network

When word first came out that Christopher Kayden Roedel had been struck and killed in a traffic accident, police said that no charges would be filed in the case. The child was struck by a pickup truck as he was running across a busy street after dark and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Many pedestrian accidents and injuries can be avoided by slower driving and better safety awareness by drivers. However in this case, both the accident report and the police statement would indicate that the driver was not at fault; it can be nearly impossible to see a small child dart into the road unexpectedly, especially if he was wearing dark clothing. Children do not have a developed sense of danger, and it is up to parents to keep a hold of their children when they are outside, especially when they are near a busy street. Read the details of this tragic accident that killed a five year old at UPDATE: CPS Investigating After Child Is Struck and Killed by Truck 12/14/09.

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