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Ohio Child Day Care Centers – What Ohio Laws Apply to Child Day Care Centers?

By Will Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Ohio child day care centers are regulated in part by the Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C.) Chapter 5104 – Child Day Care. Like many day care laws throughout the nation, the Ohio child day care law can be confusing. Even the definition of a child day care center is subject to various exceptions and definitions. For instance, there is an exemption from the legal definition of child day care centers in Ohio for a child day care center is operated by a religious institution or a parent of one of the children. Whether the child day care center is regulated by all of the provision of Ohio Revised Code 5104 or not, each child day care center or facility that provides child care in any manner must provide the child with a safe and clean environment while supervising and caring for the children. For private, public, and religious facilities that provide child care, a child should not suffer injuries due to negligent supervision or poor maintenance of the facility. If a child suffers personal injuries as a result thereof, the parents can legal take action in Ohio to recover medical bills and pain and suffering due to the child injuries suffered at the facility. Since the laws can be confusing and facilities, depending on the structure and business set up, are regulated in different ways, it is often times helpful to have the assistance, guidance, counsel and representation of an Ohio child injury lawyer / attorney for these child injury matters.

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