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Ohio Day Care Center Investigated for Alleged Personal Injuries to Child

By Will Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Monroe, Ohio, there was an investigation into alleged burns to a child from an Ohio Day Care Center. The initial news reports indicated that a child may have suffered burn type injuries from a Mr. Magic Eraser cleaning product that may have been used on a child’s body at the day care center. See >Ohio Day Care Center Investigated for Burn Injuries to Child.

Channel 9 WCPO news subsequently reported that investigators determined that the child was not burned at the day care center. The day care center at the center of this controversy was Mount Pleasant Children’s Village. It was reported that the alleged injuries were not burn injuries but a skin condition / problem caused by rubbing. It appears that no criminal charges will be followed on this matter. See >Investigators State that Child Not Burned at Ohio Day Care Center.

Child injuries need to be investigated to determine the cause of the injury and whether the injuries were preventable with proper supervision and care at the day care center, home, or elsewhere. Some child injuries are accidental in nature and really could not be foreseen or prevented while others could easily be prevented with due diligence and common sense.

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