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Omaha Nebraska Day Care Provider Charged with Child Abuse – Shaken Baby Syndrome

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


n Nebraska and other States, parents entrust the safety and education of children to day care centers. Often times, a working parent have no other choice but to rely on day care centers while the parent earns a living to support the family. Day care centers can also be a great place to socialize and educate the child prior to Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. Nebraska day care centers have a both a legal and moral duty under the law to properly supervise and protect children enrolled in the program. Unfortunately and tragically in some instances, day care centers breach this duty. Shaken Baby Syndrome is caused when a child is shaken or otherwise suffers physical trauma can cause serious injuries to a small child’s brain.

In Sarpy County Nebraska, a day care provider was recently arrested and charged with child abuse for what authorities believe is an incident of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Due to the severity of the injuries and concerns by State authorities, the day care license for this in home day care center was suspended per an emergency order. The incident was reported to the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office by the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center – Omaha, Nebraska. The child who suffered the personal injuries is only 6 months old. The day care provider, Diane Honaker, was responsible for the care of 7 children in her home.

News reports did not provide details of how the incident took place or the details of the charges against the day care provider. Ms. Honaker will be entitled to representation by a Nebraska criminal defense attorney or a public defender. Shaken Baby Syndrome injuries often times occur when a caregiver gets frustrated with the crying or behavior of a child. Shaking the baby may quiet the baby but it can also cause serious irreversible brain damage to the child. The cries and annoyances of a child are no excuse for child abuse. Never ever shake a baby . . . every day care provider, child care provider, and parent should know this and follow this very basic rule of child care. You can read more about the Nebraska story at Day Care Provider Charged with Child Abuse of 6 Month Old.

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