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Panama City Beach, Florida – Parents on Drug Binge Wrap Injured Child in Duct Tape

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


The Bay County Florida Sheriff’s office reported that a baby who suffered a head injury was wrapped in duct tape and left to suffer while his parents “tweaked” on crystal meth. The parents, John Paul Huskey and Jessica Huskey have both been charged with aggravated child abuse, and the pair may also be charged with several drug offences. According to Captain Faith Bell of the Bay County, Florida Sheriff’s office, officers also found evidence of crack and marijuana in the couple’s home.

According to the parents, the child was injured when John Paul Huskey jumped on a chair, which broke and struck the child in the head. However, authorities are still investigating the cause of the injury. Even if the injury was an accident, the parents’ subsequent actions still constitute a felony. Neither of the parents ever called for help, the incident was phoned in by an anonymous tipster.

This arrest highlights the detrimental effects that drugs can have on a parent’s abilities to care for a child. Had the parents not been binging on drugs, the accident probably would not have even taken place. It is alarming that parents would choose drugs over the life, safety, and welfare of their own child.

You can read more about the arrest at Parents to be charged in meth-related child injury.

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